OPI Gel Nails Review!


About three weeks ago I went to the nail salon and got my nails done for the first time in YEARS. I used to go all the time to get them done, but stopped because the acrylics were ruining my nails, and my natural nails are pretty nice, so there was no point in paying to get them done when I could just paint them myself. When I went to the nail salon, I was contemplating what to get. I didn’t want the acrylics, and paying 25 dollars for a basic manicure that was just going to chip off in a few days, seemed like a waste to me. That’s when I discovered gel nails. There’s a bit of a new trend going around in the nail world and that is gel manicures. Basically, gel manicures are a special gel formula of nail polish that is cured to your nail using a UV or LED light to dry, so it is your natural nail. What’s so awesome about gel nail polish, though, is not only does it dry super fast (between 30 seconds and one minute), but it’s said to last up to two weeks without any chipping! At the same price as a regular manicure, I figured I’d give it a go and try it out.

Basically, what happens is the manicurist paints a special gel base coat to your nails and places them under a LED or UV light to dry for 30 seconds. Then she paints on two coats of the gel color, then places them under the light for another 30 seconds to dry. She finishes it with the gel top coat, and places them under the light one last time for 30 seconds. Then that’s it. Your manicure is 100% dry!

So, of course I was a little iffy…would this polish really last up to two weeks with zero chipping? A lot of polishes and top coats I’ve used in the past claimed to do just that, and I still saw chipping within a few days. Needless to say, I was suspicious, and curious to see if this gel manicure was really worth all its recent hype and if it could lead up to its claims.

To my surprise, it most definitely did! Not only did it last two whole weeks, but so far it’s lasted three! The photo on the left was taken the day I got them done, and the photo on the right was taken today, three weeks later. Now, I do have some regrowth from my nails obviously growing, but the manicure itself still looks perfect! There is zero chipping and no wear and tear whatsoever. If it weren’t for the regrowth, I could easily get away with saying it was a fresh manicure (and my nails grow super fast, so for most people, the regrowth would probably be much smaller). I’m still wearing the manicure, and I’m curious to see if I can make it to four weeks! So was it worth the hype? Most definitely YES! This will be the first of many gel manicures for me.

I’m actually looking into investing in an at home gel manicure lamp so that I can save money and give myself gel manicures at home, instead of paying 25 dollars every time I want to change my polish. If anyone has an at home gel manicure system or any tips/recommendations, please let me know in the comment section!

The only con? The color selection for gel polishes isn’t s that big…yet. They still are a new trend, so I’m sure as they rise in popularity, and more people start getting gel manicures, the color selection will grow tremendously, and more brands will start jumping on the bandwagon. So far, quite a few brands have come out with gel polishes, one of them being OPI, which has always been my favorite nail polish brand. In the photos I am wearing OPI’s Bogota Blackberry, with a random glitter color who’s name I cannot remember on my ring fingers.

When I finally do get my at home gel manicure kit, I will be sure to write an depth review on it! As far as recommending gel manicures? I most definitely do, and if you enjoy having your nails painted and done, I STRONGLY suggest trying out a gel manicure! It’s all your natural nail, so your nails are not being hurt in anyway, but they look and feel perfect for weeks! Best of both worlds!

Until next time,

-Jenn. :))