I’m not perfect…

I’m clumsy, I’m awkward, I stutter, and most of the time, I’m a hot mess. I’m loud, I’m messy, and sometimes I’m lazy. I don’t wake up looking like a supermodel…actually, I don’t think all the makeup, or hair stylists in the world could make me look like a supermodel. I get emotional, and sometimes I cry. I make mistakes, and as much as I like to think I have it all together, sometimes I don’t. I don’t know everything, and sometimes I’m insecure. But that’s okay. Because I’m human. And people aren’t perfect, nor am I trying to be. Sure, there are some things I need to work on, but most of it, I can’t change, it’s just me and a part of who I am. And that’s okay. And if I’m not good enough for you, then don’t even bother talking to me. Because I don’t change myself to fit ANYONE’S standards. And that’s final.

5 thoughts on “I’m not perfect…

  1. Men don’t actually realize that women don’t wake up with their hair styled and their faces airbrushed to perfection. Quite often, they get up half an hour early to maintain the illusion. Your post is the truth and it’s refreshing to read. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! :)) It’s not targeted to just men, though…I think women, and just people in general sometimes set such high expectations as to how THEY think other people should be. It’s ridiculous, like who are you? God? No, you’re not. So who are you to tell anyone how to live their lives, or how to act?? It’s so stupid. Just accept people for the way they are, because underneath all of the “flaws,” there’s a lot of amazing things that make up who that person is. And those “flaws” could end up being someone’s best qualities.

      • Hahah nope! No one specifically, just something I notice that some people in society tend to do, and it frustrates me. lol. So many people get wrapped up in the thought thought they have to be perfect and try so hard to live up to societies impossible standards and because of it, their self esteem is shot and they end up feeling awful about themselves. And that’s sad. I want people to know that you don’t have to be perfect, as long as their happy, that’s all that matters. :))

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