30 Day Blog Challenge Day 25; Write About The Last Dream You Remember Having!

Okay, so I missed another day yesterday, I know. But I was at the beach all day at a resort for my stepdad’s annual company dinner thing, and I didn’t bring my laptop and I couldn’t even get the wifi on my phone to work, so I’ll just do it today. So anyway, I actually had this dream earlier today when I took a nap. I really don’t remember much about it, so I’ll do my best trying to explain it. haha.

So pretty much my friends Nina, Matt, Kaitlin, and Katherine all lived in a house together in my neighborhood, which is strange, because none of them even know each other in real life, except Nina and Kaitlin. I drove over to the second house in my neighborhood, which is the house they all lived in and parked on the curb to see my friend Katherine. I didn’t even acknowledge my other friends who lived there until I left and hugged them all goodbye, but they all acted that they didn’t even want me there, except Katherine, who was the only one I was there to see. I also remember feeling jealous as I was leaving because they all lived together and I wanted to live there too, but no one invited me to move it. Lol. It was very strange. That’s all I really remember about my dream, though. Haha.


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