30 Day Blog Challenge Day 24: Write About The Worst Injury You’ve Had!

I don’t actually think I’ve had a really bad injury, surprisingly. **knocks on wood.** I don’t know if this counts, but I have had some pretty major surgeries, so I guess I’ll just talk about my worst one.

When I was 12, I was getting ready go in for my first back surgery for my scoliosis. They gave me a full-body MRI a week prior to my scheduled surgery, to make sure there were no preexisting problems. That’s when my doctor noticed a shadow behind my brain, so he sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist ran more tests, MRI’s and CAT scans and we found out that basically, my skull was not growing with my brain, and my brain was sticking out the base of my skull, causing it to put pressure on my spinal cord also causing the mysterious, and very painful headaches I used to get as a child. Now, there is a technical name for this, but I have no idea what it is, to be honest. My back surgery was canceled and two weeks later, I was in emergency surgery for my brain/skull. They had to cut out a portion of my skull and pretty much rebuild it. I don’t remember much from the first few days after surgery because I was so out of it, but I do remember I was in a LOT of pain. I was in the hospital for two and a half weeks and spent about a month of bedrest recovery at home. The weeks at home were probably the worse part of it all because I’m the type of person that likes to do things myself and just push through the pain and live my life normally, and of course after having major brain surgery, that wasn’t an option, and being at home offered wayy too many temptations to want to do everything as normal and not recover properly. It was pretty torturous. The first couple months after surgery, my heachaches were worse than ever and I couldn’t even stand up, or sit down for too long without going into excruciating pain. It was actually pretty discouraging because I thought this surgery was going to help my headaches, not make them worse, and it was scarry. I was not able to even attend school for the rest of that year, so I was homeschooled for the remainder of the school year. About three months later, I was fully recovered and I was able to start living my life again. It’s been almost ten years now, and I haven’t had a headache since and I’m doing absolutely great. I can’t even tell I’ve had such a surgery! I’m truly blessed that I was able to catch the issue on time and have it fixed and that I’m still able to live a normal life. :))


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