30 Day Blog Challenge Day 23: Letter to Your Future Self!

Dear Future Jenn,

Well, I guess I can’t give you much advice because I don’t know where you are in life, what you’ve experienced, or what you’ve learned. But I can say this; I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re living a life that you’re proud of, and that you have no regrets. I hope you’ve taken every opportunity you can to learn and grow into the best possible you, that you can become. I hope that you’ve kept and continued to follow your dreams and have accomplished your goals. And I really hope that you’ve kept the qualities that make you awesome, like your confidence, kindness, determination, and faith. I hope you’re healthy, and that you can look back on your past and smile, yet know that you’re happy with your life currently. Never look back and dwell and remember that everything happens for a reason and it’s brought you to where you are today. God has his own plans for you, even if they’re different for the plans you have for yourself, his plans are for the best and just continue to follow his lead and everything will be okay. Remember, you’ve been through dark times before, and you made it out just fine and even stronger than you were before. Keep your dreams and goals big, your head up, and your spirits high and everything will just fine. Just keep you thirst for knowledge, learning, and excitement. Always remember where you came from and the experiences that made you who you are today. :))


Present me. <33


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