30 Day Blog Challenge Day 19: Your Opinion on Cheating on People!

So, I feel like this post is going to be somewhat generic…I mean, who in their right mind would actually say that there’s nothing wrong with cheating and that it’s okay? And if you do actually think that, well then, what is wrong with you?! To me it’s simple, why would you be in a relationship with someone if you’re just going to be unfaithful and cheat on them? What’s the point?! Relationships are supposed to be about love, commitment, and trust…if you’re going to cheat on someone, then you don’t really love them, or care about them, in my opinion. I don’t think it’s possible for cheating to be a “mistake” because if you truly loved the person you’re in a relationship with, they would be on your mind as you’re kissing, or being intimate with that other person, and you wouldn’t do it. I don’t even think you should be tempted to cheat on someone while you’re in a relationship with them…and if you are tempted, well then, you’re probably with the wrong person and maybe you should break up with them. To me, it’s simple; cheating is absolutely stupid and goes against everything a relationship should be.


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