30 Day Blog Challenge Day 17: How Have You Changed in The Past Two Years?

I touched a bit on this on day 15’s post. I changed a LOT in the past two years…probably the most I’ve ever changed in my life. The past two years were definitely big transformation years for me. Looking back two years ago, I was a lot more unhappy, and a lot less confident. I was ready to start making a change in my life, but I hadn’t really started anything significant yet. I guess two years ago was really the start of it all. I was tired of living in the past and dwelling on things that happened years ago in high school. I wasn’t happy with my current state in life so I dwelled on a time I remember being happy…and that was in high school, instead of dealing with the issue and working to make myself happier.

I finally started to see the light and removed all the toxic people from my life. Yeah, I had to go friendless for a while, but that’s okay because once the new semester started at school I made an effort to meet new people and ended up making some amazing new friends. I also finally started to come to terms with the things that made me unhappy in the past. I finally stopped pushing them back and admitted them to myself so that I was able to start moving forward. I guess I just had a lot of emotional baggage and bad mindset habits that I was finally making an effort to change. I stopped attaching myself in inanimate things that connected me to my past and learned to live in the present and take each day as it comes. I even dyed my hair dark after being blonde my entire life…and that was a HUGE step for me in learning to accept and embrace change. Because of learning to embrace change, I’m a lot more confident and comfortable with myself. I started trying to become the absolute best person I could be, and that including kicking some bad mental habits. It wasn’t easy, and yeah, it made me uncomfortable at first, but it was worth it and in the end, it made me a more confident, happier, and overall better person.

I’m not saying that I’m done…there’s still things in my life that I need to change and fix, and there always will be, but now I recognize that, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make myself the best person I can be, no matter how scary it is. I’m SO proud of the changes I’ve made in the past two years and I can’t wait to see how much I’ll learn, change, and grow up in the next two years! :))


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