30 Day Blog Challenge Day 11: If You Had 1,000,000 Dollars, How Would You Spend It?

I’m pretty smart with my money…I would most definitely NOT blow it on useless, stupid crap, or use it as an excuse not to work, or finish school. A million dollars would NOT last me a lifetime…and even if it did, I still want to make something of myself and follow my dreams and goals. I’m not gonna just be a bum and do nothing with my life. How stupid?! I still want to be successful in life. I think I would actually put money into my education and jump starting my career and life goals. That’d be the first thing I would probably do. I’d also move out of my parents house sometime in the near future and buy myself a little house, or even rent an apartment, so I’d use some money for that, so that I can learn be on my own and live as a real adult. I’d definitely help out my parents because we’re financially struggling pretty badly and are up to our necks in medical bills. The rest of the money, I’d invest, and put in the bank, and save it to put it towards my future. Not the most exciting answer, I know. No mansions, no fancy cars,  no crazy shopping sprees…I’d be very realistic and smart, and prepare for the rest of my life by putting it towards my life goals. :))


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