30 Day Blog Challenge Day 9: Places You’d Like to Travel to!

There are actually a LOT of places I’d like to travel to. There’s so many beautiful places in this world, and I’d love to see them all. So this is going to be more of a top places I’d like to travel to, because quite frankly, I’d love to see it all.

Starting with close to home, I’ve always wanted to take a cross country roadtrip. I’d really love to at one point, visit all 50 states. I’ve been to about 15 states so far, most of them being on the East coast. I’d love to travel to the parts of the country I have yet to see…the West, Southwest, and Midwest. I’d love to travel to the Caribbean, too…I have never been. Mexico, and/or The Bahamas.

Okay, so now for the places a little further away. Germany looks absolutely beautiful! I’d LOVE to visit there! Spain looks absolutely stunning! I’d also LOVE to see South America/ Latin America. The culture seems so rich and beautiful! And as cliche as it sounds, I’d really love to travel to Italy. There’s just so much history and culture there, and after taking humanities and art classes in college, I think it would be pretty amazing to see some of these paintings, architecture, and pieces in person…plus, I love Italian food! And of course Jerusalem…is there really any explanation needed?? I mean, come on now… I’d also REALLY love to go to South Africa. I have met a few people who have gone and every single one of them said it’s beautiful. I can only imagine. I’d LOVE to see it!

I’d also absolutely love to go somewhere in Asia. I just think the Asian culture is SO cool and different. I’d love to see Singapore or Japan. Both those countries just look fascinating!

Like I said, there’s TONS more places I’d love to travel to, and places I’d love to see. I’m sure there’s some I meant to mention that I forgot, but really, if I got the opportunity to travel anywhere, I’d most likely take it! :))


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