30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5&6

Okay, so I missed yesterday’s post, I know, but in my defense I wasn’t home at all, allll day. Sooo, yeah. I’m doing both days today! :))

Day 5: Your day in great detail:

So because this was supposed to be yesterday’s topic, I’ll talk about my day yesterday!

So I woke up pretty early, showered, got dressed, etc, and went to Old Time Pottery to exchange a picture frame I had picked up for a friend because I bought the wrong size. They didn’t have a frame in the appropriate size, so I went to Wal-Mart, and then Target, where I finally found a nice frame in size that would work. I had plans to go to Disney with my friend later on that day, but I still had a few hours to kill before I had to meet him after he got off work, so I walked around Target for a little bit, got an iced coffee, then went to check out the new Marshall’s that opened earlier on in the week. Finally, it was time to meet my friend, so I drove to his house, and me, him, and his dad left for Epcot. His dad missed our exit, though, and we ended up driving all the way to Orlando taking nothing but sketchy dirt back roads that probably host the homes to psycho serial killers and the type of people most horror movies are about. We also passed a huge mansion, cows, horses, a mulch factory, and learned that even Florida could be home to pretty trees, and big open, hilly fields…who knew?! We FINALLY made it to Epcot, three hours later, rode Spaceship Earth, and met up with the rest of his family in Mexico and had dinner at this Mexican restaurant. It was very good! I had tortilla soup…I wasn’t sure how I would like it, but it was REALLY yummy! After, we just walked around the other countries, took pictures (which I’ll include below!), and watched the fireworks show. Then we drove back to my friends house…without getting lost this time, and I got in my car, and drove home. By the time I got back to my house it was just after midnight, so I watched some TV and went on the internet for a bit, and fell asleep around 3am.

Here are some pictures from yesterday! :))


Day 6: Top five pet peeves:

Okay, so I’m not sure if this would be considered my top five…but these are the first five that come to mind. lol.

  1. Rudeness/inconsiderate/judgemental/arrogant people. Yes this counts as one pet peeve. I CANNOT stand people like that. It literally makes my blood boil. I do NOT understand those mindsets.
  2. When people leave me in the dark as to what’s going on. I just hate not knowing, and  not being given the information I need when they clearly know it.
  3. Bad grammar. Haha.
  4. When people lie to my face when I CLEARLY know they are lying. How stupid do you think I am?!
  5. Close mindedness.

So yeah, those are the first few that came to mind…I’m sure there’s other things that bother me, but it’s surprisingly difficult to think of things on the spot! haha.


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