30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2: Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?

Well, it’s definitely hard to predict the future, and although I have goals, ambitions, and hopes now, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to want those same things in ten years, nor does it mean that it’s going to happen. Unfortunately we can’t map or choose our own lives…we can do things that help us achieve our goals and wishes, but in the end, fate takes all control, and if it’s not written in the books for you, well then it’s not gonna happen. God is going to stick to whatever he has planned for you and we just have to accept that. Anyway, with that being said, it’s still amazing to set goals and ambitions for yourself and to follow your dreams. I think everyone needs to have goals and ambitions that they want to pursue and achieve, and work hard to get. And although these things may or may not happen within the next ten years, this is where I see myself…or hope to see myself, anyway…

So in ten years I’ll be 32…

  • Well for starters, I hope I’m still alive in the next ten years! I know that sounds morbid, but hey, anything could happen, so yeah, being alive would definitely be a good start. Haha.
  • I see myself graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.
  • Definitely living somewhere that’s not Florida. I’m not sure where yet, but preferably somewhere with cooler weather and less humidity.
  • Having a successful career that I love in the media, broadcasting, film, or journalism industry.
  • I definitely hope to be married by the time I’m 32.
  • Maybe even have a child…or at least planning to. I definitely want children in life and I definitely would like to have them by my mid 30’s.
  • Living in a nice, cozy home. Ten years might be too soon to ask for my dream home, but again, who knows?
  • This one is kind of obvious, but more mature, wise, and “together” in life.
  • Maybe have some more worldly knowledge…I want to travel to a lot of different places, so hopefully I get the chance to visit at least a couple of the places I’d like to go to within the next ten years.
  • Healthy. I really hope I’m able to maintain my health in the next ten years.
  • Most of all, whatever happens, and wherever life takes me in the next ten years, I really just hope I’m happy with wherever I am, and whichever path I go in life. I don’t want any regrets, and I just hope I use the next ten years as a building block and continue to learn, grow and mature. :))

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