30 Day Challenge Day 1…About me!

Day 1 May 7th, 2013: Write some basic things about yourself.

So today’s topic for the 30 day challenge is to write some basic things about yourself. So I figured I would just write some basic facts about myself.

  • Well for starters, my name is Jenn.
  • I’m 22 years old.
  • I just earned my associate’s degree in liberal arts.
  • I will be continuing my education in the fall to pursue my mass communications degree.
  • I live in Florida..and I hate living here. I plan to move out as soon as I can.
  • I was born with severe scoliosis, one lung, and an abundance of other fun medical problems.
  • Speaking of which, I’ve had at least eight surgeries…probably more, but I was a baby and I can’t remember them. haha.
  • I’m extremely short…4’10 to be exact. I used to be 4’8, but apparently I grew two inches this year. YAY! 😀
  • I enjoy being creative, and working with my hands…that sounded sexual. Sorry. haha. I love creative expression.
  • I’m basically right and left brained, but I do fall a bit more on the right brained side. Which would explain the working with my hands, creative aspect to myself, and also my horrendous math abilities.
  • I pride myself in being a good, kind person. I do think I’m genuine, and I don’t have a mean bone in my body. I get uncomfortable around people who talk and treat others badly. And I’ll be the first to speak up in those situations.
  • I have a huge heart…I’m extremely loving and caring. Sometimes I may care about others too much.
  • I have no regrets in life and I try to make the most of and learn from all my mistakes.
  • I always try to stay optimistic.
  • I’m pretty guarded around most people. Only a couple people actually know super personal things about me. But I like it that way.
  • Although I’m not materialistic, or frivolous at all, I do enjoy makeup and fashion. Again, it’s more of a creative expression thing, rather than “look at me! Look at my pretty makeup and my awesome outfit!! I’m so awesome!” It’s just fun for me.
  • I’m super confident, and I’ll never let anyone else’s opinion of me bring me down. I love myself regardless, and I believe everyone should do the same! (love themselves…not me. lmao.)
  • I’m constantly trying to improve and better myself every day. I want to make myself and grow to be the best person I can possibly be. And I believe everyone should. That’s what life is about; learning and growing into the best you possible!
  • I never want to be just another vapid girl. Ugh. The thought of being typical, normal, and the same as anyone else sickens me. I’m a lot different than most people, and I embrace that everyday.
  • My main goal in life and all I really want is to just be genuinely happy. As long as I’m happy, I’m set. :))

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