My 22nd birthday was on Wednesday and I received a little bit of money from my parents to go shopping, considering it’s been awhile since I’ve actually gone shopping for myself. But in honor of my birthday, I decided to take a trip to the mall today and treat myself. I decided to go by myself…I never had a problem doing things by myself; sure I enjoy doing doing things and being around those I’m close to, but I also think of myself as a pretty independent person and doing things by myself doesn’t bother me. Of course, I usually have to suffer the repercussions of being a young, naive looking female being out in public alone. Little do others know, though I may look young, and naive, I’m actually quite smart, and headstrong. And although it happens almost everytime I’m out in public alone, I’ll still never get used to being approached and hit on by guys twice my age.

Today while at the mall, I walked past one of those kiosks…you know, the ones with the pushy sales people who have “special deals just for you” and who won’t let you leave until you buy something. Yeah, well, I purposely walk as far away from those things as possible so that I don’t get stopped. Well, this one in particular, the guy tried to stop me and as I said “no, thanks” as I continued walking, he grabbed my hand and pulled me over and proceeded to try and sell me his product. He was selling this skin exfoliation cream and tested it out on my forearm and of course, there was a “special deal” going on just for me where it was “only” 90 dollars for the exfoliator and moisturizer. What a deal, right?! Ha.

When I told him no and that I didn’t have the money, he proceeded to try to bargain with me, and when that didn’t work, he tried to flirt with me and “flatter” me into buying something. He told me that I was a “beautiful girl” and if I wanted to stay beautiful, I would need to buy his product to keep my skin nice. Whilst he was saying this, he was touching my face, to which I backed away and said “please don’t touch me” as I tried to walk away, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back again and asked me if I was married. Um what?! I said “no, but I have to go.” and tried  to get away again, but he grabbed my hand once again and I told him “I asked you not to touch me. I’m not going to buy your product and I have to go.” and then I walked away.

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than being come onto by randoms in public; it freaks me out, it’s creepy, and COMPLETELY unnecessary  Nothing you say to me is going to “charm” or “flatter” me into giving you what you want…especially when they guy is at least twice my age. I may look young and naive, but I’m anything but that. That may work for girls who are so desperate for male attention who will do anything to get it, but that’s not me…at all, nor will it ever be, and it pisses me off how some guys think they can “charm” a girl into doing anything that they want. It’s disgusting.


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  1. Yeah those Kiosk guys are not the greatest characters. It’s like their profession is to flatter and offend. Happy belated birthday and many more!
    -Shady Kerko

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