Every storm runs out of rain…

I’ve always thought of myself of someone who has their sh*t together…I’ve always been comfortable, and happy, and proud of the person I am. But now that I’ve been going through a tough time, I feel for once that I’m not that person for the time being. Do I hate myself? No. Am I uncomfortable with myself? No. But do I feel insecure and feel as if I don’t have myself together? Absolutely. Which is a weird feeling for me. I suppose we all go through these tough times, and we all go through periods of feeling insecure and like we don’t have out sh*t together, but it kind of sucks because I know this isn’t who I am, nor is it who I want to be. I want to be happy with myself again. I want to have my sh*t together again. I want to feel like I have everything under control  and mostly, I just want to feel like my true self again. I need to fix whatever is wrong in my life so I can get back to being me, because I like me. :)) I suppose it’ll happen in due time, but I just hope it doesn’t take too long because I miss the real Jenn. She’s out there, but somehow she just got lost. Amber Alert for a happy, confident, optimistic girl. If found please contact local authorities. haha. No, but seriously, even though I’m absolutely terrified, and I’m super sad, I just have to remember we all go through these ruts, but they all end eventually. And if you’re reading this and going through something similar, I hope you find yourself soon, as well. Life gets tricky, and sucky, but everything happens for a reason and it’ll all work out in the end. It can’t rain forever.


2 thoughts on “Every storm runs out of rain…

    • Absolutely! I still don’t like the fact that I’m sad, and I hate that I’m feeling like this, but I have to remember, I’m not in control, God is and I have to leave it all up to Him and trust that everything is going to be okay eventually. In the meantime, though, I have to find reasons to smile…even if it’s just at the little things. And learn how to fix the negatives in my life.I can do this! :)) Thanks, Becky! :))

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