Winged Eyeliner!



I think I’ve finally come up with a new technique and mastered winged liner! Both eyes done on the first try and both are pretty symmetrical, granted the left wing is just a tad pointer, but it’s really not too bad considering winged liner used to take me like five minutes  per eye…not to mention a million mistakes and touch ups were needed, so I’m pretty proud of myself right now! :))


6 thoughts on “Winged Eyeliner!

    • Seriously, I feel your pain! I used to never do it because I’d ruin all my makeup trying to get the wings right! I tried a new technique this morning, though and it worked! So excited! haha.

  1. 5 minutes is a pretty decent time considering it used to take me half n hour to get both the wings right when I first started out.. But now is less than 2 minutes and its done.. How much I love wined liners now…

      • Yes, that’s the thing with the winged liner.Once you know how to perfect it, it becomes your favourite. I hardly ever step out of the house without it 😛

      • Haha, I don’t do it everyday, but it’s definitely fun a few times a week. I usually just stick to my normal black liquid liner without a wing for everyday. lol. :))

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