Stop judging and stop listening to judgments…

I’ve never been one to care what other people say or think about me, but unfortunately we live in a world where some of us become so obsessed with other people’s perception of us, and what they think about us, and that’s sad. We all want to be accepted and well liked in society. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t…no one likes being disliked; it’s human nature. But we have to remember at the end of the day, other people’s opinions of us, shouldn’t matter. I’ve been exposed very openly to harsh judgement from people from a very early age, so as bad as it sounds, I’ve honestly grown accustomed to it, but it really made me realize that if I wanted to be happy, I couldn’t listen to other people’s judgments.

I’ve always liked who I am…I’ve always been proud and happy with my character. Even when I was young, I remember thinking “I think I’m nice and funny…why don’t these kids like me?” I learned from an early age that some people are just shallow and that not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. Sure, it’s not the best feeling in the world, and of course it made me sad; no one likes having people say rude things about them, but you just have to learn to put those mean words aside and remember, their opinions of you don’t matter. It’s my life…I don’t live to please them. Why should the way I look affect them in any way, shape, or form? Who the hell cares what you look like…appearance is probably one of the most irrelevant things in this world. It says nothing about you and who you are as your person. Your character, morals, and values are what matter…not some shell you’re born with. It’s really sad to know some people can’t see that though…that they spend they’re lives trying to please society and to look a certain way. They spend countless amounts of money in order to look “acceptable” in society’s eyes. They spend hours, and hours obsessing what these people that they don’t even know think about them. What is this?! Why does it matter?! Why change yourself to get social acceptance…why put yourself through cosmetic procedures and surgeries to that society thinks you’re “attractive?” Why can you just be you…the way God made you? Why can’t people just learn not to focus on the negative comments that people make and focus on loving yourself?

There’s always going to be someone that talks negatively about you…there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you. But just focus on who you are, your character, and the person you want to be. Accept and embrace your flaws because they’re apart of what makes you who you are. Who gives a crap about social acceptance, or appearance? I’ve heard it all…from having my whole class verbally bully me throughout elementary and middle school, being told that my only hope for getting married is to marry a blind guy, to random assholes making rude comments to me in public. Even some of my family has “jokingly” insulted me. Thankfully, I’ve learned to let these kinds of comments roll off my shoulder and laugh them off. I usually think insults people come up with about me are pretty hilarious, but does that make them okay? Absolutely NOT. It’s never okay to insult or criticize someone…especially based on their appearance. That’s beyond low, and it bothers me that people do that. It does’t matter if you’re just “joking,” or if that person is family, a friend, or even a random stranger. It’s NEVER okay. Some people are more sensitive to what other people say about them and could get seriously hurt or upset by someone else’s insults.

It’s discomforting to know that we live in this type of society…where some people are so shallow and think it’s okay to bash others based on appearance, but it’s just as sad that some people obsess over these comments and let it affect their lives. Yeah, it sucks, but you can’t change how people think and you’re never going to find happiness if you keep obsessing. Just be you. Do your own thing. And accept yourself for who you are. Focus on what’s actually important; once you do that, you’ll be so much happier and suddenly  people’s opinions won’t matter as much…or at all, anymore.


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