Take the long view

Gay marriage does not exist. Because marriage was written once at human creation, and no man can ever rewrite it. Marriage, true marriage was designed from our creator and was intended to bond the male and the female who both compliment each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually to grow together and procreate. The couple becomes one flesh, and this special bonding is recognized from the heavens and sealed officially from Christ himself. Marriage is not  love. Marriage is an institution with a purpose. A defined, timeless, pure purpose. Marriage will never be what westernized society considers it to be: fun, happy, love, enjoyable, sparkling, wedding gowns, makeup, etc. Marriage is a joyful bonding, where flesh becomes one flesh, and husband and wife grow closer to God. Tampering is wrong. Plagiarism is wrong as well. Man has no right to change what has already been written. Same sex couples will never…

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