Random acts of kindness…

Today while walking to class, I was approaching the cross-walk to walk across the busy Tampa street to get to the building my class is held in, when a girl darted across the street and ran towards me. I assumed she was running late, or that she wanted to cross the street as quickly a possible so that she wouldn’t hold up traffic. But no. She ran up to me, smiled, and said “I LOVE your outfit!” Caught off guard, I smiled and enthusiastically said “thank you!!” She then proceed to walk back to where she originally was across the street. I thought to myself “wow! I can’t believe she literally went out of her way to run up to me just to tell me she liked my outfit!” I’ve never met this girl before, she doesn’t even know my name, yet she made it a point to go out of her way to complement me, a girl she doesn’t know and might not ever see again. Compliments aren’t important, nor are they relevant, but sometimes it’s nice to know that someone else appreciates something about you; whether it’s your character, your work, or your clothing. It’s not the complement itself that made me smile, but just the fact she went out of her way just to make me feel good. We see many people on a daily basis, and think to ourselves that we like something their wearing, or their makeup, or hair, or whatever it may be, but we often don’t ever tell said person. Next time you see someone and you catch yourself thinking “wow! I really like her dress!”, or “he has really cool shoes!”, tell them! It just might make their day!


3 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness…

  1. I totally agree with you! Any time a thought like this crosses my mind, I make a point to say it because you never know if a simple compliment can turn someone’s day around. Great post, girlie!

    – Athena, Between Friends Blog

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