Over-thinking ruins me…

Trying not to stress, and over-think when your brain instinctively goes into that mindset is not only extremely hard, but also very annoying. I’ve been trying to retrain my brain, so that doesn’t happen…and it has been better. A lot better. But sometimes I still find myself battling my thoughts and trying to alter them. Over-thinking and stress ruin me and my mind ends up making things worse than what they really are, which causes even more stress and makes the real, root issue even harder to deal with. Like I said, it’s definitely been a lot better, but on days/nights like this, I just seem alone in my thoughts and I find it hard to kick the negativity. I know what I have to do. I know what steps I need to take. I just have to take them…I am taking them. Everything is going to workout. Just breathe.


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