Take the long view

Gay marriage does not exist. Because marriage was written once at human creation, and no man can ever rewrite it. Marriage, true marriage was designed from our creator and was intended to bond the male and the female who both compliment each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually to grow together and procreate. The couple becomes one flesh, and this special bonding is recognized from the heavens and sealed officially from Christ himself. Marriage is not  love. Marriage is an institution with a purpose. A defined, timeless, pure purpose. Marriage will never be what westernized society considers it to be: fun, happy, love, enjoyable, sparkling, wedding gowns, makeup, etc. Marriage is a joyful bonding, where flesh becomes one flesh, and husband and wife grow closer to God. Tampering is wrong. Plagiarism is wrong as well. Man has no right to change what has already been written. Same sex couples will never…

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Random acts of kindness…

Today while walking to class, I was approaching the cross-walk to walk across the busy Tampa street to get to the building my class is held in, when a girl darted across the street and ran towards me. I assumed she was running late, or that she wanted to cross the street as quickly a possible so that she wouldn’t hold up traffic. But no. She ran up to me, smiled, and said “I LOVE your outfit!” Caught off guard, I smiled and enthusiastically said “thank you!!” She then proceed to walk back to where she originally was across the street. I thought to myself “wow! I can’t believe she literally went out of her way to run up to me just to tell me she liked my outfit!” I’ve never met this girl before, she doesn’t even know my name, yet she made it a point to go out of her way to complement me, a girl she doesn’t know and might not ever see again. Compliments aren’t important, nor are they relevant, but sometimes it’s nice to know that someone else appreciates something about you; whether it’s your character, your work, or your clothing. It’s not the complement itself that made me smile, but just the fact she went out of her way just to make me feel good. We see many people on a daily basis, and think to ourselves that we like something their wearing, or their makeup, or hair, or whatever it may be, but we often don’t ever tell said person. Next time you see someone and you catch yourself thinking “wow! I really like her dress!”, or “he has really cool shoes!”, tell them! It just might make their day!

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all…

I have been unemployed for about two and a half years now. My first and only job was when I was living in New York for the summer of 2010 when I worked as a file clerk in a pediatric’s office that my aunt managed; I’ve known the owners/doctors that run it since I was very young. Anyway, since then, finding employment and an income has been quite the struggle to say the least. I’ve filled out hundreds of applications, handed out tons of resumes, had interviews, and managers who’ve promised to call me back, but instead of being a professional and mature adult and telling me that I didn’t get the job, they play phone-tag with me and avoid me. Needless to say, it’s pretty damn annoying and discouraging. I mean, I’m almost 22 years old. I’m ready to be independent and start doing things on my own, and supporting myself. I’m sick of relying on my parents for everything. It makes me feel unaccomplished and yeah, it makes me feel a little like a loser.

I’ve been thinking recently, though. I’m in my last semester at the community college before I finally earn my AA degree, which that itself has been it’s own uphill battle (thanks, Intermediate Algebra). But I’m finally there. I’m graduating in May, and I’ll finally have that Associates Degree in my hands. Granted, I’m most definitely continuing my education afterwards and I plan on getting my BA, but for the time being, having the AA might actually help me in my job hunt. Now I know an Associate’s Degree isn’t the most prestigious degree, but it’s something. And hell, I worked DAMN hard for this degree. And I might be able to get a better, more well paying higher up job with an AA. Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t found a job yet. Maybe there’s more for me out there. Maybe I’m not meant to be a hostess or server at a restaurant, or work in a fast food place…maybe now I have a window of opportunity to earn a better job. I could work as a bank teller, an assistant, office manager, etc. Now those aren’t the most exciting jobs, and I wouldn’t make a career out of it…but it’s something. It’s something to earn experience, and save money while I’m working on my BA, and make a name for myself so I can start supporting myself and start my own life.

I think I may just focus on my schooling for the next two and a half months, study hard so I can pass my final math class, and finally earn my AA degree. After that, when I add having an Associate’s Degree to my resume, I think it could really be beneficial to my job hunt. I’ve always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and there’s a plan for everyone. You can’t fight that, and it’ll happen the way it’s meant to happen. Sometimes our original plans don’t work out the way we’d like. But thank God for that. There’s something better waiting down the road for us eventually. And you just have to have faith that it’ll happen eventually…the way it’s supposed to. Who knows, maybe not having a job right now is a blessing in disguise There’s something better waiting for me and I just have to wait a little. Maybe if I had a job all these years, I wouldn’t be so focused on school…maybe I wouldn’t be so close to my degree…maybe I would have given up on school all together. Everything does work out eventually, and I’m confident that I will find a job soon. But school needs to be my first priority. :))

Do not live for the expectations of people around you; live for yourself, for your dreams, and for your happiness.

Today was my dad’s 50th birthday, so I gave him a call this afternoon to wish him a happy birthday like I do every year. We started talking about life and how I’m doing and the subject of school came up, as it always does and he started asking me about my plans after I get my AA and transfer after this semester. I told him the same thing I always tell him; that I want to major in mass communications. He then proceeded to ask me what I want to do with that degree…or what I could do with that degree. I told him that I wasn’t sure yet, but there was a lot I could do with it. I mentioned something in the media, journalism, film industry…something along those lines. Now by this point, I already expected what was coming next because he always mentions this whenever we talk about my schooling or career choice. He told me, “you know, I just don’t feel like that’s a very practical choice. Have you considered doing something else? Those fields are extremely hard to get into and chances are, you’re going to have a useless degree that you can’t do anything with. I still really think you should consider the medical industry. You’d be so good at it because you could relate to the patents. Or a teacher. You’re so good with kids!” Now excuse me while I breakdown everything that’s wrong with that statement;

  1. Mass communications is a very practical degree…there are SO many possible fields and career options for a mass communications degree.
  2. I really doubt that I’m going to end up without a good job because my degree is “pointless.” I’m smarter than that…give me some credit, here.
  3. I will never, ever, ever, EVER do anyyyything in the medical industry. I basically grew up in doctor’s offices and hospitals. I can’t stand them. The smell, and overall feeling of being in one makes my stomach turn in the most horrific way. If I had to work in one every day, I’d be extremely depressed. Yes, I’d LOVE to help people, but I want to do that in my own way…a different way. I can still help people, and make an impact in people’s lives without anything related to medical. 
  4. I’m AWFUL at math…seriously AWFUL. I’m pretty sure I’m mentally incapable of learning it, and I’m determined to prove that there’s an actual mental illness that makes it impossible to learn anything mathematical. hah. My point, though, in order to work in the medical field, you need to know a lot of math, and ten years of schooling with basically nothing but math and science sounds like a living hell…I don’t think I’d ever graduate. haha.

My point is this, I absolutely can’t stand when people tell me what I should do with my future. It’s my future, and my life, and I’ll do what I want with it. I have every right to follow my dreams and pursue my goals. Maybe I wont be some big-time magazine editor. Maybe I won’t write for a major newspaper/magazine. Maybe I wont be some famous producer, or a famous reporter. Maybe my work won’t reach a global or national audience, whatever it is I end up doing. But you know what, maybe I will! I’ll never know if I don’t at least try. And if I don’t, that’s okay, too. As long as I’m doing something that I have fun with, and love, and truly enjoy…that’s all that matters. I just want to be happy, and the only way for that to happen is to listen to myself and follow my dreams, and my goals…not what someone wants me to do, or tells me what they think I should do. You can’t live your life trying to please others, or listen to their view on what they think your life should be. It’s not their life to live; it’s yours, so live it the way you want to live it. Screw what other people say or think…even if those people are your family. You have every right to live your own life and you shouldn’t let anyone hold you back from whatever makes you happiest.