Hello Everyone!

Starting a blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now, but I’ve never really had the drive to actually make one. I have the tendency to be quite meticulous when it comes to the way I prefer things to look…I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I pay great attention to detail, and the planning process of designing my blog overwhelmed me a bit. In case you’re wondering, I designed everything on my blog from scratch…the background, the color schemes, and the banner…all with Photoshop. Let me tell you…making things look just right took hours, and to be honest, I’m still not quite sure if I’m completely happy with the outcome. The content of what I would post on my blog also overwhelmed me…if I did start a blog, what would I write about? There’s so many aspects to myself, and things that I’m interested in, that choosing one specific topic to center my blog around seemed nearly impossible for an indecisive person like myself. But this semester, I enrolled in a Mass Communications class, and lo and behold, one of our assignments is to make a blog and post weekly. Alas, now I finally have a reason to start posting! It’s like the blog Gods have finally spoken…okay, so maybe that was a bit dramatic, but you catch my drift. Haha.

So, after a ton of brainstorming of just what I would post about in my blog, I finally decided why not just post about a little bit of everything? I don’t need to stick to one specific category…topics will differ every day depending on my mood, but at the same time, they’ll all have one thing in common…they’ll all reflect me, as a person, and my life…and hopefully even you all reading this! I hope in someway that there will be at least a little bit of something that everyone can relate to. We’ll call this my “lifestyle blog.”

So, just who am I, anyway? Who is “That Girl Jenn”…the girl behind the blog? Well, as you may have already assumed by the title of my blog, my name is Jenn Wray…technically, my real name is Jennifer, but please call me Jenn. I can’t think of one person who actually calls me by my full name…it just sounds weird to me. Haha. Anyway, I’m a 21 year old college student at Hillsborough Community College residing in the Tampa Bay area. I’m currently in my last semester of completing my Associates of  Arts degree in Liberal Arts. In the fall of 2013, I plan to transfer to a university and pursue my degree in Mass Communications. I’m not sure where I’ll end up after that, but I do know, I want to get out of Florida as soon as possible. I don’t belong here…and there’s so much more out there waiting for me in a different state, as far as which state that is, I’m not really sure yet. I’ve leaned that in life, I really want to challenge myself…I want to push myself, and I want to learn new things. Writing is something that’s always been something I’ve loved…I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I’d like to think of myself as a very creative person…I enjoy anything that allows me creative freedom. That being said, I do everything from web/graphic design (yes, I’m a closet techie…don’t judge. haha.), makeup artistry, and of course, writing. I’m one of those people who wants to try everything, and has a bucket list ten miles long. Some of you probably know me from class, and you may have seen me around campus…I’m that short (very short…I’m four foot, eight. Seriously.) brunette girl, usually seen running around campus in five inch heels…and walking into walls because I have about just as much grace as an infant learning to walk for the first time. Yeah, it’s a special gift. lol. You’ve probably mistook me as someone’s twelve year old sister, but contrary to popular belief, I’m actually a full-grown adult (again, I use the term “full-grown” loosely…very loosely). I would say that I’m a very outgoing person…I talk way too much and I love being around people. I would also like to think I’m pretty funny…but you may think otherwise. I’m extremely happy with the person I’ve grown to be…while this wasn’t always the case, I’ve learned to become comfortable with myself, and it’s an amazing feeling. But enough of talking about myself, I have a whole entire blog to fill up with posts about myself, and as you read my entrees, I’m sure you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about me. hah.

I definitely plan on continuing this blog even after this class ends, and I hope at least some of you enjoy my posts and continue to stick with me along my blogging journey. I look forward to hearing from you all and reading your blogs, too! Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time,

-Jenn Wray. :))


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